Monday, October 12, 2009

Stop The World I Wanna Get Off!!!

Lately I have the urge to repeat after Lucy van Pelt, of the comic strip Peanuts created by the late Charles Schultz:

Do I need to explain why? Didn't think so, but I will tell you just in case you guess wrong. It's the headlines of these turbulent days:

Goldstone row rumbles on
Hebron: “Youth Dies Of Earlier Wounds, Nine Residents Wounded, Two Detained”
Abu Zuhri: “Abbas' Speech Contradictory, Filled With Misinformation”

Palestinian U-turn on Gaza report

UN delays action on Gaza war report
New brochure markets East Jerusalem homes to Jewish families
Yemen vows to fight rebels for "years" to come

Farewell to “El-Doctor”

Iran 'sentences three to death'

Al-Azhar face-veil ban questioned

Hamas crackdown on Gaza challengers
Another injustice to Palestinians
Yemen faces 'humanitarian crisis'
Hilltop Youth push to settle West Bank
The rise of the military rabbis
Early exit
The waste of profit
Sudan claims Halayeb, Shalatin as electoral constituencies
Fake "hymen" sparks outrage in Egypt
Alexandria torture trial postponed
Jail for Jordan 'honour killing'
Monsoon threatens Sri Lankan refugees with 'humanitarian disaster'

You see, I was not exaggerating.

Why haven't I actually gotten off yet? Well, because there were also a few positive news items such as........, well I guess they are much harder to find. Oh I guess beating Zambia 1-0 and renewing Egypt's hopes to qualify for the World Cup in S.A. could be considered my life savior.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...u forgot "Spain teaching their youth the art of pleasuring themselves"

nahoul said...

Hmmmmmmmmm not sure if you are implying that this would depress me or cheer me up??

Anonymous said...

it goes well with ur list of "depressing " stuff.