Saturday, June 25, 2011

Egypt on the Brink, By Tarek Osman

Since (according to Amazon) the publishing date of this book was January 11, 2011, then the few lucky ones who had a chance to read this book in the two week prior to

January 25th , should not have been as surprised as the rest of us were when Day of anger Riots that were scheduled for on turned into a full fledged revolution against Mubarak and his regime.

Not too long ago, I read two books that, more or less, cover the same issues. Those are: Inside Egypt by John R. Bradly, & Egypt: A moment of change by Rabab El Mahdi. 

All three books, to different extents, predicted that change was evident, but Osman’s book was the one that was closest to the scenario that unfolded on the 25th.

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