Saturday, March 7, 2009

Call me Flipper!!

I don't believe in reincarnation, so I wasn't prepared when a friend of mine asked me:"If you had a previous life, who do you think you could have been?".

That's why, I was truly surprised when I heard myself saying:"A dolphin." (needless to say the last words I ever heard from this so-called friend were:"What the heck!!")

Looking back, I wonder where did this answer come from. I am no animal lover. I am scared of cats, dogs, horses, monkeys(with the exception of Mo), turtles, birds, ducks, geese, chickens, ..or any other creature that some people might call a pet or a domestic animal. Needles to say, I am terrified of insects, rodents, and fierce animals. I won't deny that am also kind of uncomfortable around most people, so knowing all this, I would have expected to hear "Moi!!"

So why a dolphin?

Could it be my OCD? Am I really scared of all of God's creatures or am I only scarred of the microbes, viruses, dirt, and other yucky stuff they may be carrying around? Those guys don't shower or bathe as often I would like them to, and on the rare occasions that they do, some stupid ones dry themselves by rolling in the dirt (Good Grief!!!). On the other hand, dolphins are taking an eternal bath.

Or could it be my love of swimming. My father & grandfather were both swim champs. I loved swimming since I was a kid. I used to swim at the beaches of Alexandria, and at the pool at school. I later joined the swim team of the Sporting Club for three years. I don't swim much anymore, but whenever I get the chance to go swimming, I just love it( provided that obscene amounts of chlorine has just been added to the pool, and there are no young or old kids swimming close by). So if I were a dolphin, I could work, exercise, eat, drink (do sea mammals and fish drink? Just checked and found out that they actually do), and even sleep while swimming.

Or is it my memories of the TV show Flipper and other popular culture stories; about dolphins rescuing humans from drowning or sharks, keeping them safe from harm. I actually just researched this topic and found that those stories are absolutely true. So if I were a dolphin, I would become the hero I always wished I was.

Or is it my love for music & my iPod. Will give you a couple of minutes to try to figure this one out yourself. On second thought, it came to my attention via several sources that my brain works differently that most people I know. (I took that as a compliment. You can take it as one too.) So here it is: Dolphins live in groups called Pods. So if I join a group, I could say "i Pod!!"....Never mind!!!

Last, and I hope least (not to come across as insatiable), it could be my love of seafood. Instead of having to wait until my next visit to the Fish Market, I would have seafood for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert!!(but I guess I need to start developing a taste for Sushi)


Anonymous said...

I really wanted to write a comment then decied both of us were better off if I did not, so all I am going to say is "enjoy ur venture in being and writing funny"

Anonymous said...

oh my mom...that was really something! hahhaha...

random, but funny.

and congratulations, i think you have the most diverse set of topics that have ever been covered in a blog: from filistine to flipper!!

nahoul said...

Mo, in my defense, my neck was acting up, had to take pain medication, so I was kinda drugged when i wrote that!!!
Not that the posts that I write when I'm sober are any better, but just wanted you to know.