Sunday, January 4, 2009

Too confused!!!

I am not trying to ignore what is happening in Gaza, but I am simply too confused to formulate any meaningful opinion. It goes without saying that my heart and thoughts are with the civilians who are suffering each and everyday under occupation, a brutal apartheid regime, and now, an all-out war. I also believe that it is not morally correct to blame the victim even when I don't agree with its reaction to the injustice it is subjected to.

But these are the only clear thoughts in my mind. Otherwise I wonder:
  • Are those civilians only suffering at the hands of Israel and its mighty IOF, or are their own leaders (both Hamas & Fat7) and other Arab leaders also playing a very active and consistent role in this suffering?
  • Have the Arabs reached an unwritten agreement to take their frustration and anger about the situation in Palestine on Egypt instead of Israel?
  • Is the Hassan NasrAllah, who many thought following the summer of 2006 that he might be the only figure capable of unifying all Muslims (Sunnis & Shiaas), the same NasrAllah who is now promoting division & hatred?
  • If Syria, Iran & HezbuAllah believe that Egypt should declare war against Israel, why didn't any of them fire one bullet against Israel yet?
  • Has Al Jazeera, which proudly promotes itself as the leading Arab News Channel, and which is so eager to show the complete unbiased picture (that it sees no harm in repeatedly interviewing Israeli officials to voice their well known opinions, cause we have already heard it on Fox News, CNN, NBC, BBC, ...), and which is continuously attacking the Egyptian Government and accusing it of treason, has this same Al Jazeera failed to notice the strong and cordially relations between Qatar and Israel or is that off limits?
  • Why do so called investigative reporters on almost all TV channels and news papers seem to accept the Israeli myth that one Israeli soul is far more precious that thousands of Palestinian or Arab lives.
  • Why does all this Arab - Arab hatred emerge every time we face a crisis?
  • When will we unite against the true danger that is threatening us all?
  • How can we change this disgraceful situation?
  • ............
  • ......
Very few articles made sense in this crazy time. Here are a couple of them:


Anonymous said...

At 13 years of age my daughter was on her way to Bahrain with her school trip from Saudi, she was the only one at the border who was not allowed because she had Syrian passport.... and I can write hundreds of pages about Arabs discriminating Arabs, even children and you expect "Arab unification"? and actual changes?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that ten years later she came to Bahrain again with her American passport and I am sure you have an idea how any minutes it took her to get a visa at the airport.It is very hard to have hopes of Arab unification and expect others to treat them well when they treat their own in a horrible manner.