Saturday, July 11, 2009

The air I breath

On this day, 27 years ago to be exact, my life changed for ever. I had my first child. Cruel labor pains and the joy that followed were just a taste of what to come. A kind of love that hurts so bad but at the same time gives you so much happiness that you're not sure whether to cry or laugh out loud. The Arabs say “our kids are our kidneys walking on the ground”. I say “my kids are the air I breath”.

God, You deserve my thanks for all the blessings and grace you shower us with. And I do thank you for them all but above all I thank you for the air I breath. Please God bless them with loving You, your prophet Mohammad, and their fellow humans of all color, race, religion. Bless them with happiness, a healthy long life, success, wealth, a loving spouse, and great kids.

One more thing, please don't test my belief or strength through my kids. I admit, I am weak. Having them away from me for most of the year is hard enough. Please be their protector and savior wherever they go. And one more thing, please never deprive me of the air I breath.


Anonymous said...

'please don't test my belief or strength through my kids' - What a beautiful prayer.

Anonymous said...

Amen :)