Thursday, July 9, 2009


In line with what I wrote in the previous post, one of the few graduates of the year 2009 is my dear Fayza. Fayza became a member of my family over forty years ago when she came with her mom who did various domestic work at my parent’s place. The unconditional love of this woman to my parents, my sister & I, our husbands & kids is phenomenal. But this is not why I believe Fayza is a far better human than I.

When I go back to Alex, my hubby, kids & I stay at my mom’s place. Needless to say, the amount of housework needed for this army of guests is backbreaking. Knowing that at least four out of the seven occupants of the house (I will not name names) are OCD patients obsessed with cleanliness gives you a vague idea about the about of work needed to keep everyone happy.

Moreover, the family trusts no one else to go clean my sister’s place at the North Coast (el sa7el el shamali), and this year, I too asked her to clean an apartment that we had but did not use for years, to have it ready for some guests who were spending a couple of weeks in Alex.

To top it all, her daughter’s wedding coincided with all this. Yet she refused to take more than two days off to take care of that.

Now some people might argue that all this could be explained by the kind treatment & generous pay she gets from the family. But here is what makes her a better human than many people I know including myself.

I walked quietly into the kitchen, of course to find something to nimble on until lunch was ready, and I found Fayza in the corner, praying, thanking God (a few “Ass Holes” such as myself might think “for what??”), and even praying for a long and happy life for each one in our family.

I love that woman. And I have no doubt that she will be rewarded for accepting & making the best out of the tough hand she was dealt in this life. And above all, for not having a grain of envy or hatred in her heart. Fayza has passed her exam in life.

I am not that sure that I’ve passed mine.

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