Friday, April 23, 2010

A job that I love.

For years, I felt fulfilled and believed that was because I was one of the lucky few who have a job that they love. My career and profession gave me a lot of pleasure. When I lost that gratification and the feeling of being accomplished, I assumed it was because I've fallen out of love with my job.

I have recently realized that I was wrong.  My lack of fulfillment actually has nothing to do with my career at all. It has to do with my true calling. I miss my true vocation. I miss being a mother.

I miss caring for my kids and seeing them on daily basis. I miss cooking their favorite food (yes, in spite of the hate-hate relationship I have with the kitchen), and sitting with them around the dining table and discussing what they did at school, or at sports practice while eating dinner. I even miss eating the yucky leftovers in their plates. I miss buying their cloths, washing their laundry, making their beds, and watching TV with them,.

I miss driving them to swim, baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball practice, and in the process, driving them crazy by playing nothing but Celine songs in the car. I miss listening to their usually out-of-tune piano practice, and going to their parents-teachers conferences and hearing good, and occasionally not so good things about them. I even miss feeling exhausted at the end of the day but going to bed feeling content and assured knowing that they are sleeping peacefully only a few feet away from me, ...........

Basically I miss them like crazy.

Since the probability of having a new baby at my age is slimmer than that of winning the lottery, or of Zamalek winning the league, or of Arabs enjoying true democracy and freedom in the near future, I hope that I will get a chance to enjoy the feeling of a full-time mother again, when I am blessed with grandchildren is shaa Allah. That is if my kids would allow me to help with raising their children.

Can't wait.


Anonymous said...


They say that you'll only ever love a job that you're good at. Which explains why you love being a mom so much. You were never anything short of the best mom a child could ask for (with the sole exception of your obsession with Celine Dion). If we thanked you all day for the rest of our lives, it wouldn't be enough.

If and when you're blessed with grandkids isA, they're all yours!


Anonymous said...

Mother dearest,

When I see you this weekend, I will let you make my bed ;) just kidding!! I love you too much. And I ditto the son/daughter above - my children are all yours. See you soon! Can't wait.

Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

That is soo soo sooo cute mom!!
Great post!
What mo wrote is very true. I can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did raising us- although your plan to make us neat-freaks was a 2/3 failed attempt. You really are the greatest mom in the world walahi!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're satisfied ya Nahoul :)
think of this as just a break before you resume with your grandkids isA, you've got permission to that obviously ;)