Monday, April 26, 2010

Kalam by Isabel Allende

"It's not the truth we tell that makes us vulnerable, it's the secrets we keep."

Isabel Allende, the renowned novelist and niece of the late Chilean president Salvador Allende, might be better known for her magical realism novels such as The House of Spirits, Of Love & Shadows and Daughter of Fortune, but my two favorite books are her memoirs, Paula & The Sum of our days.

Listen to her conversation with Michael Silverblatt, and enjoy her amazing and unique sense of humor at the Lannan Audio Archive.


Mohamed Hanno said...

Loved her interview.

nahoul said...

walahi thank you for being the only one who bi3abarni and listens to stuff I recommend!!!
amazing sense of humor eh??

Mohamed Hanno said...

I guess I can now be officially considered a fan.
Yes a sense of humor only rivaled by my dear cousin. LoL