Thursday, July 22, 2010

Married to Another Man

Sincere apologies to those who expected a review of a juicy "Love Triangle" romance. But don't blame me, blame Ghada Karmi for choosing this title for her latest book, which she could have titled "The Arab-Israeli conflict for Dummies" to avoid such confusion.

Karmi derived the title from a cable message dispatched to the rabbis of Vienna by two representatives they sent to Palestine to investigate the suitability of establishing a Jewish state there. The cable read:
"The bride is beautiful, but she is already married to another man."

Karmi explains: "To their disappointment they had found that Palestine, though highly eligible to become the Jewish state the Zionists longed for, was not, as the writer, Israel Zangwill, later claimed, 'A land without a people for a people without a land'. It was already inhabitant, spoken for by a native Arab population whose homeland it already was."

Thus this population became the only obstacle in realizing the "Zionist Dream".

Please read this book to learn of the steps the Zionists took and continue to take today, to eliminate this inconvenience, how they have failed in doing so, and the only viable solution left to resolve this conflict:
"The One State Solution".

And although this was only discussed in a couple of pages (35-37) in Chapter One, those pages are beneficial in understanding the motive behind the deal signed by five of the Nile Basin countries, effectively reducing Egypt's & Sudan's share in the Nile water; shares that were set by an older treaty.

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I am so excited to read this book!
Your recommendations never disappoint.