Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6th

Other than private occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries of loved ones, October 6th was my favorite holiday. To me it is the day we Egyptians regained our land and even more importantly, we regained our dignity (KARAMA).

It's ironic that a person who supposedly played a role in that historic day, has betrayed his people and his military oath and turned into a criminal who stripped Egyptians of our karama, and even collaborated with the same enemy our brave soldiers defeated.

For this reason, I now value and cherish two more dates, January 25th, and February 11. The first marked the long awaited unity of all factions of Egyptians to revolt against the tyrant, and the second marked his actual fall from his illegal thrown.

I am now eager to add a third and most important date to the previous ones. I'm waiting for the day when the honest and innovative Egyptians who actually initiated and lead the revolution, to take charge of Egypt's future.

Say Amen.

مدنية ديمقراطية، لا دينية ولا عسكرية

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