Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Favorite Daughter is 25

My Favorite Daughter is 25!! OK I'm cheating cause she is my only daughter. Actually, I like to think that since she turned into a young lady (I guess that was when she turned 14, since she has always been mature for her age) we were more like two friends and not a mother and daughter. Well, what also helped in establishing such a relation was that I was going through my "OMG!! I will soon turn 40!! I will act 20 and see if I can get away with it" phase. So we were almost the same age!!!

Noona, I love you, I love your social & activist work, I love your art, and I wish you all the best with your studies, work, and eli bali balek!!

BTW, I should be mad since you were partying with your friends and did not even bother to answer my calls last night, but thank you for calling me back at 3:15am when I was fast asleep!!

Happy Birthday Habiba!!

p.s. hope you don't mind me posting your unibomber picture!!!


Anonymous said...

i love you and am sooooooo proud of you too!

I wish you were here to go to so many events with me and I guess 'our' friends :)


Anonymous said...

U did a great job with Noona,I love her too and admire her passion for everything important to her in life.
Happy Bday to u habibty and wish u all the best , and u r right about being proud of ur mom, she is awesome.
Love u both lots.

nahoul said...

Dearest Noona & Ani,
You guys are the best.
love u