Monday, January 3, 2011

What can we do?

A few ideas for action by us, Egyptian Muslims:
  • Take turns acting as human shields around Churches,  especially on the 6th & 7th of January (I know this would take a lot of courage, but it would be useful to know how Christians feel every time they go to their churches to pray to the same God we worship). 
  • Start a campaign with the slogan "In Egypt, the crescent protects the cross" 
  • Speak out against hate talk, whether it is by a member of our family, a friend, a sheikh, or a public figure
  • Create a Facebook groups & websites to promote love between all Egyptians & to expose anyone guilty of hate talk.
  • Support Christians in gaining equal rights as full citizens (it's true that we Muslims are not treated as full citizens either, but that's a different story).
I am sure each one of us can come up with more ideas, meaning there's a lot to do.


Gertie said...

if only more people of all religions, Christians and non-Christians alike, thought they way you did and promoted love.

Motaz M. Elshazly said...

Amazing blog that i will add to to follow list, where did u get this great image of the cross and crescent from? I'm interested in getting it on a bigger resolution.
thank you.