Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Gergis is my brother, and Fatma is my sister"

If the EGC students and parents are conscientious enough to organized sit-ins and demonstrations to save their school’s name and history, and if other groups do the same for various causes that they care about, then I expect all Egyptians to rise to the occasion and stand together in the face of  the horror the hit us all at the early morning hours of the first day of 2011.

The attack on the Saints Church in Alexandria, whether it's a car bomb or a suicide bomber,  is a serious and dangerous event that we cannot ignore or just watch from afar.

We have the responsibility not only to denounce and condemn after the fact, but to proactively stand in the face of any hate talk or violent action from any group.  I know that Egyptians can & will shake off the sands of extremism & hatred, so that Egypt does not becomes the next Sudan, Iraq, or Yemen.

Christians and Muslims are required to show wisdom and not naively play into the hands of those behind the attack. We must turn the anger into activism which brings us all side by side in the face of our most dangerous enemy, sectarian divide.

Love and support your fellow citizens before it’s too late. If we lose this war, then all the small battles that we win, won't mean a thing.

Egypt is my mother, means Gergis is my brother, and Fatma is my sister.

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Anonymous said...

It is important that this issue is taken seriously - it is not just an attack on a relgious group that used to live in peace with another one. What is currently going on is a rejection to diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism. we need to move fast - there need to be a reaction. May be a demonstration should start in Alexandria from El Morqosia church to El Morsi Abou Al Abbas mosque to remind egyptians who they are and what is their history!!