Saturday, April 12, 2008


Egyptians were known for their sense of humor. In the past, and in spite of the fact that any negative comment on the political affairs of the country could have meant an "all expense paid extended vacation" in one of Egypt's infamous prisons, we still had what seamed like as infinite stream of political jokes. Lately, and like other Egyptian resources, this stream of jokes has been reduced to a trickle. What happened??

Here are my own (and not Letterman's) "Top Ten Reasons" why Egyptian Political Jokes have all but disappeared from our lives:
  1. Most, if not all, jokesters are suffering from acute depression.
  2. The government has secretly denationalized (khaskhaso) the Jokes Factories and jokesters are currently driving old rundown taxis.
  3. Egyptian jokesters went out of business cause they were not able to compete with the government's hilarious announcements about the soon to come reform and prosperity.
  4. The government sent all jokesters on a Red Sea cruise aboard the Salam 99 ferry (also owned by Mamdouh Ismail).
  5. The government has started charging Egyptians 10% entertainment tax for every joke that involves any government official.
  6. The government decided to assign the Jokes Production to the Ministry of Social Solidarity (responsible for the current Bread Crisis).
  7. All contemporary & future jokes were secretly sold (at a subsidized price) to Israel. In return, Israel will export misery & hardship to the Arabs.
  8. The government is handing out free Hash & Bango but only to citizens promising not to crack any political jokes.
  9. Preachers have been directed to give a Fatwa that all political jokes are absolutely Haram.
  10. The government has appointed Hassan Shehata (manager of the Egyptian Football team) in charge of its anti-jokes campaign.
Rabena yeg3al nokatna khafeefa 3laihom!!!


Anonymous said...

aih al7alawa di wa alh agde3 alf mara men letterman at least i understand it and laughed a lot, wahashtini, from now on ill call u nahoul letter women!!!

Anonymous said...

dear nahoul ,what fun to read your jokes, we know you are smart and serious but thanks to this blog i can see the other side of nahoul.