Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Do you believe in miracles? I don't. Yet this morning, something incredible happened to me! My bathroom scale has finally become my best friend. It told me that I have actually lost the 5KGs I was trying to shed off for the last couple of years. Because of the good news from the scale, I opted for walking to work (in spite of it getting really warm during lunchtime) to maintain my new, eat your heart out Calista Flockhart, weight.

Fortunately, the weather was cooler than usual, so I enjoyed my walk while listening to Celine's It's all coming back to me (my favorite Celine song if you care to know). I arrived at work in a very good mood, but before I typed in my password to unlock my computer, my boss walked in my office. I have to confess that the first thing that came to mind was "this will be the end of my great morning". I was pleasantly surprised when he, instead of giving me a new assignment to finish yesterday, he asked me how I felt and wished me good health (I was sick for a couple of days last week, and he had just learned of it).

Just as I was thinking that the day could not get any better, I signed into my gmail account, and found four emails from my hubby (who is currently traveling) and my three children all saying that they miss me and that they love me. (excuse any typos since my eyes are tearing an I cannot see the keyboard clearly). Can a day get any better? I guess it could.

Remember the Egypt alerts I complained about in my last post, well today they were mostly positive:
  • The bread crisis will be resolved soon since bakeries run by the Army & Central Security forces will be utilized to increase the production
  • All journalist who were previously given prison sentences will be acquitted
  • The US promised to hand over whoever is responsible for the Suez canal shooting
  • Egypt is revising its decision to provide Israel with Gas
  • The government will concentrate on immediately resolving the crushing problems of the poor, and on reforming education & health care
  • Opinion polls show that the National Democratic Party will not sweep the local elections that will take place next week
  • Zamalek players vow to win the Egyptian Cup & a record sixth African cup
OK, please tell me, which of the above fibs gave me away? The weight loss? My boss' kindness? My family's devotion? The NDP understanding the meaning of the D in its name? Or the Zamalek achievement? All of them? Well, happy April Fool's Day.


Anonymous said...

OMG! U really are turning out to be a talented story teller...Wish u great days to come like the one u r actually having today... U are very blessed with the four emails in one day.. u deserve all the love from ur hubby and your children, may be ur next subject could be about "guiding your hubby and ur children on how to love u".

Noran said...

ok Nahoul, let's see;
losing 5 kilos, check (likewise here as per prior agreement)
boss asking about your health, check
kids and hubby sending you e-mails, check (but not necessarily saying miss u & love u)
Positive Egypt alerts, naah, that definitely gave you away
and a Happy One to You too ;)

Anonymous said...

Have u put on back the 5Kg lost from yesterday?

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite post yet!!!

mansour said...

habibi i might add to DSM V1(psychiatric disorders)another mental illness ,ill name it ( addiction to nahoul blog),ill sign my name first !!reading your blog while iam away makes me feel like iam at home.another april fool.ha hahha