Sunday, March 30, 2008

Egypt Alerts

I subscribe to a service by Google which sends alerts (once a day, once a week, or as it happens) regarding any keyword one chooses. I have many of those (yes Zamalek & Celine are on my list but I have many more that are less embarrassing) and needless to say, Egypt is on top of my list.

Here is a sample of alerts I got regarding Egypt this past week:

Egypt editor given six-month sentence for Mubarak rumours
Egypt snubs Arab summit as tensions run high
Eleven dead in crash after wedding shopping in Egypt
Bread Crisis in Egypt Leads to Clashes
Unrest grows in Egypt as food prices soar
EGYPT: Gas to Israel ignites criticism
Luxor Residents Clash With Riot Police
Egypt: Journalist in Hiding, Home Raided

Is this enough? Or should I list some more? If this is the kind of news I get with "Egypt" as the keyword, I wonder what would I get if I had an alert for the words "Disaster", "Unrest", or "Please depress me"???

I think I've just put my hand on the source of my depression which prevented me from writing new posts for the past couple of days. I will delete this alert before my condition deteriorates any further.

As for all you Egyptians out there, I advise you to add this alert to your gmail accounts to stay abreast of Egypt's news. This is your duty as an Egyptian. No excuses accepted. You are concerned about your mental health? I am shocked by your selfishness. Your concern for Egypt must be above all. And if you happen to fall victim to depression, I know an excellent psychiatrist who will take good care of you. Yalla go ahead and create the alert.

BTW, my husband's phone number is ........................... Just mention Google alerts to him and you will get a discount!


Anonymous said...

Nahoul, why on earth do you continue to expect to hear good news? why the high expectations? I do not get it! do you really think you are going to hear
.An Egyptian doctor discovered new medications to lower blood pressure
.Egyptian journalists have freedom of speech
.Egyptians are holding a concert in Cairo to raise money for sick children
Please get over it and start lowering your expectations from human beings....

mansour said...

by the year 2020 depression will be the leading cause of death even beating heart attacks,cancer and other common causes of death,hopefully the news doesnot keep going in this way otherwise it we will notice more depression even before 2020.ther is a say some people get hurt and other benfit from other people hurt,thank u habibi for your advertisment ,ill take care of your commission!!!