Sunday, March 16, 2008

Egypt Woman's Day

I apologize for my ignorance since in my post titled "International Woman's Day" & dated March 8th, I questioned the logic behind celebrating Egypt Woman's Day on a date other than the International Day.

Turns out that March 16 was chosen as Egypt Woman's Day in pursuance to a UN resolution urging member states to celebrate their own women's day each in accordance with a history event. That day in the year 1919 marks Egyptian women's revolution against colonialism, their struggle for independence, and the death of Hameida Khalil, the first woman to sacrifice her life for the cause.

On that day, 300 women demonstrators led by Hoda Sha'arawi took to the streets raising the crescent and the cross to symbolize national unity and denouncing British occupation and colonialism. On the same day, four years later, Hoda Sha'arawi called for a demonstration, the first of its kind, for the foundation of the first Egyptian Women's Union. Her purpose was to improve women's educational level & to ensure political and social equality. From

Happy Woman's Day to all Egyptian women.

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Anonymous said...

Homework well done! and Happy women's day to you.