Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AlQahira's Pigs

During my lunchtime, I am usually able to follow part of the popular TV program AlQahira AlYoum presented by Amr Adeeb. In the past couple of years, and specially with the departure of annoying Nirvana, Amr has gained a lot of popularity and fame. Although most daily "journalism - entertainment shows" (Al 3ashera Masa2an, 90 Minutes, El Bait Baitak) more or less discuss the same topics, Amr is still able to attract more viewers because of his long experience, genuine interest in the topics he discusses, and excellent sense of humor.

The only thing that annoyed me, was his views when it came to women which he usually expressed on his weekly segment with Ragaa Gidawi. But I always interpreted those views as a way to make the program more entertaining (by pretending that he is a chauvinist pig), and accordingly did not take them seriously.

After watching part of last night's show, I actually decided to stop my subscription with Orbit. Amr has fell to new low (which I cannot overlook or excuse even though he is a loyal Zamalkawee). The views he expressed regarding women were extremely offensive and totally unacceptable. When a TV personality, who is expected to help develop the society, has, and is not ashamed to publicly express, such backward & regressive views, then responsible viewers have an obligation to boycott his program.

The guest Amr most agreed and identified with (needless to say he was totally against every word uttered by his other guest Ikbal Baraka) was another chauvinist pig who started a group called "Sisayed"(after Nagiub Mahfouz's lead character in his trilogy). This idiot who promotes the need to go back to the family setup of the thirties when women were not allowed to leave the house and were treated as a property owned by their husbands has totally missed Mahfouz's opinion of Ahmed Abdul Gawad (aka Sisayed).

To Amr and his friend I need to explain (even though I doubt they have the capacity or will to understand) that Mahfouz has portrayed Adbul Gawad as a hypocrite who is extremely stern with his wife and kids, not allowing his wife to leave the house even to visit a mosque or her married daughters, while he lead a life of a brazen adulterer who spends his nights in brothels drunk in the arms of prostitutes. To have him as your idol speaks loads of your messed up moral believes. If this character is the idol of Amr Adeeb and his guest, then I gladly tell them that they have my disdain & disrespect.

And I would love to see how Amr will defend his views to his wive. My guess is: he is in big trouble. Unless of course he is married to Miss Piggy.


mansour said...

7aram 3alyiki antti sharfateeeieh khalis ,take it easy ,one by one ,remeber that i was a little pig and now ma shaaa allh a big pig.
by the way mrs piggy was one of your favorite charachters in the past,i still have your photo with her!!!in case lamees read your website !

nahoul said...

Sebnee 3alaih ya Mans.
If he or Lamees are offended, I will tell him I was just kidding. ishman3na howa????

Anonymous said...

Wow! do we have someone who at least agrees about the "pig" issue with you.
Ya Nahoul I have always felt that way about Amr Deeb, just see how he treated his ex wife and took the child from his mother and the way he openly attacked his ex wife on "Orbit" many many years ago. As far as I am concerned, only a PIG of a man would kiss and tell and do what he did. Ani

nahoul said...

All what you said is true but you have the wrong Adeeb in mind. The one who was married to Hala Sarhan is the older brother Imad. I am talking about his younger brother Amr who is married to Almees Hadidi. As far as I know, she is his one and only wife.

Anonymous said...

You are right and I apologize, somehow I confused the two, I am not familiar with Amr, so I take back what I said about him, but what I think of Imad is the same as what you think of Amr.