Monday, March 24, 2008

Road Accidents: Enough!!

Approximately 6,000 people are killed and another 30,000 injured in road accidents in Egypt annually.

Egyptians can blame the government for the poor road conditions, poor enforcement of traffic lows, high (90%) reliability on trucks (instead of the safer railroads or boats) in the transport of goods, and for the psychological pressures on the people due to the poor living conditions, but they have themselves to blame for the most important factor contributing to accidents: Driver's Behavior.

Driver errors, intoxication, ignorance, over confidence, arrogance, risk taking, racing, and many other forms of irresponsible behavior that can be described as criminal, are the main factor in more than 80% of accidents.

So even if the government & parliament enforce the current traffic law, approve a new traffic law, improve the roads, or take as many precautions as possible, this will not resolve the problem. You & I, the Egyptian drivers, must take responsibility to stop this hemorrhage. Please wake up. The blood on our roads is that of our brothers & sisters, parents and children, friends and neighbors. Please obey traffic laws. Please do drive defensively. Please do save Egyptian lives.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of racist... all about saving the lives of Egyptians ONLY...