Friday, March 7, 2008

The Gardens of the Devil

Robert Fisk wrote: "Egypt calls its own Second World War minefields "the Gardens of the Devil", and they run from El Alamein to Mersa Matruh, east of the Libyan border. As the Egyptian Mail pointed out last month, we in the West remember the dead of Alamein every year. But who remembers the dead of Egypt? And just for the record, although the British and Italians and Germans have all forwarded their ancient minefield maps to the Egyptians – and although the Egyptian army cleared 2,976 mines between 1983 and 1999 – there remain about 17.6 million landmines beneath the Egyptian coastal strip, according to the country's clearance organization." Click here for the complete article.

"The Gardens of the Devil" is the moral; if not legal because unfortunately International laws were carefully crafted to protect the perpetrators of the crime; responsibility of the former Allies of the Second World War. Egypt should press its Western "friends" to help de-mine the area to stop the on-going loss of Egyptian lives, limbs and futures. Almost every inhabitant of Al-Alamein knows someone who has been killed or maimed by a landmine. If the Western conscious is not moved by this facts, then we should try another approach suggested by an expert on the subject. This area of land has huge prospects in agriculture, mining, oil& gas, & tourism. The Allies should help us de-mine and develop it because this new employment market will reduce the outrageous unemployment rates in Egypt and accordingly, reduce the numbers of illegal immigration to the West and will close a wide door to despair and terrorism.

De-mining "The Gardens of the Devil" should be high on our government's priority list. And I will not take "we are too busy with other more urgent matters" for an answer. If the leadership in Egypt can find the time to resolve the problem of AlAhly's "goalkeepers", then this same leadership must find the time to resolve the problem of the required "minesweepers". Not the computer game, real ones!!

p.s. I apologies to my "smart" readers for adding the last sentence. I know that you did not need an explanation. This sentence is exclusively for our officials (some of whom are known to be a bit slow).


mansour said...

i really appreciate your effort in searching for your material,every time i read your article i say to myself what next,this time i feel the importance of your concern about the garden of devil ,we need to do like brain storm and get more suggestion from your group in how to act and what to do rather than reading and say its good subject ,from myside i can tell that making international day to remind people all over the world about that problem and arranging a group visit that day to the site holding red flags and photos ,list names of injuried or killed people,visit their families to see ho can we help (donations).hoping that our government will not push us inside the area to sweep the mines by our bodies!!

nahoul said...

eh el kalam el kabeer da?
Walahi a7ragtenee. Why don't you start your own blog.
Thanks and all the points you made are well taken.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite entry you have on your blog- it is extremely informative! Thank you for it!

My only comment of disparity is that I don't believe that "illegal immigrants" should be looked at as a threat to any nation. I think everyone has the right to free movement.

As your blog makes very clear, there are various reasons people want to/have to leave their countries be they political, economical, etc.

The term 'illegal' criminalizes immigrants for being victims (i.e. Gazan civilians, Sudanese refugees, etc.). What is 'illegal' about seeking safety/basic human rights?

best ;)

ps- what is the difference between the green and pink marks (landmines I am assuming) on the map?

nahoul said...

Dear anonymous (even though I know who u r),

Thank you for your comment. What can I say? I guess geezer activist like moi, need to be reminded to be 100% politically correct by young activist like toi.
Re the colors, I don't know what they indicate but I will try to find out just for u.

Anonymous said...

oui, merci beaucoup..