Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Mawled

Today is the 12th of Rabi Ist, Prophet Mohammed's birthday. Kol sana w all my readers tayyebeen. I have a few short points to make on this great festive occasion:
  • I do mean all readers regardless of their religion since Mohammad and the Islam I believe in promote tolerance and love between followers of all religions. I am blessed and consider myself very fortunate that a couple of my best friends are non-Muslim.
  • Muslims should take this opportunity to remember Mohammad's deeds as a man who called for and actually enforced social equality and virtue between his people. Wearing a thoab, and growing a beard are not what Mohammad was really sent to us to promote.
  • Depicting Mohammad, or any other prophet or religious symbol, in an insulting or degrading manner is absolutely unacceptable. But to me it is more unacceptable that followers of a religion would insult their own religion and own prophet by claiming to be true believers while their behavior and actions are far from righteous or proper.
  • God sent religions to spread love and tolerance between humans. When will followers of all monotheistic religions stop using religion as another reason (as if we are short of reasons) to hate, hurt, and kill?
  • If you think that what I am saying is too Utopian, then can we at least take this opportunity to try to promote love and harmony between the followers of the different sects within Islam?
  • Finally, I have a question. My daughter (who always asks me difficult questions that I am usually not ready for) asked me about the symbolism of the horse and the doll as Mawled toys and sweets for the boys & girls respectively. She wants to know if this is just another example of how a religious occasion (or in other cases, a religious decree) was hijacked by traditions to reinforce gender-roles. If you know the answer, then please help me out.
Salam to all.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I started writing several comments and I decided not to because they would have been too controvesial to some of your readers, and decided just to share the special day with you, and hope that all Muslims do remember what the prophet's deeds and teachings on earth were all about.
Also, tell Nona to always remember that humans would come up with any symbolism, toys, food as long as it satisfies their greed of making money...

Anonymous said...

Nahoul, why the Swahili words of Hakuna Matata"? have u considered "khalli walli, mafi mushkilah"?
BTW, I am addicted to ur blog, I get "panic attack" when I don't see the new subject, not that it is hard for me to get panic attack.
Keep up the good work of running a very clever blog. U R awesome.
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