Sunday, May 18, 2008

Free Speech Unlimited

I stumbled into the blog:
Free Speech Unlimited.
Here is an excerpt of its inaugural post:

"The media's ability to report the facts on the ground in Palestine and Israel is becoming increasingly stifled by right-wing lobbyists. Anyone brave or honest enough to report on the subject is tarred with accusations of anti-semitism. Newspapers are swamped with complaints in a bid to scare them away from difficult subjects.

This intimidation of the media has been going on for years and has met with varying degrees of success. Some newspapers now censor their commentators while television channels steer well clear of the majority of Palestinian news items.

But as the situation on the ground worsens every day positive action must be taken. We are launching Free Speech Unlimited to counter that intimidation and to support the accurate reporting and analysis of facts. We need to mobilize consistent support for fair and open journalism. We need to counter those who abuse their right to free speech to silence others."

The blog has links to two interesting articles by Ian Jack, one of the seventeen authors who attended the Palestine Festival of Literature, published yesterday in the Guardian. Read it to find more about the image of those machine-gun jogging settlers. Also posted is an article by Johann Hari published in The Independent on May 8.

I will be checking this blog out regularly. I hope you do too.

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