Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Hate Spring!!!

Spring is a big deal in Egypt. Egypt's oldest and most widely celebrated feast is Sham el Naseem or the Spring Festival. It is celebrated by all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians. The Egyptian families go out to gardens and national parks since the early morning, and eat special food to celebrate this day. As I grew up, I remember that two of Egypt's top singers (AbdelHalim Hafez & Fareed elAtrash) used to have huge Spring concerts. Nowadays, TV & Radio stations play Soad Hosni's elDonia Rabee3 at least 16 times a day to mark the occasion.

In spite of claiming to be Egyptian, very much Egyptian, and nothing but Egyptian, I regret to say that: "I HATE SPRING". And, I believe that I do have a strongly justification for this feeling.

In spring, Egypt is attacked by merciless waves of sand storms. So whenever I think of Spring, I don't envision the flowers in the top image, I only see the sand and dust in the second one. This might not sound like a terrible thing to most people, but for someone who suffers from OCD, seeing reddish sand and dust cover everything from roads and buildings to cars and trees is torture. The last of those storms are never followed by rain, so my torture extends until the following winter. What really kills me, is when we get light sporadic rain that does not sweep away and clean, but rather makes matters even worse by turning the sand and dust into mud. I'm depressed already just talking about all this.

So until those d... sand storms stop attacking me in the Spring, or at least until heavy showers after each sand storm become mandatory, I will continue to hate spring.

p.s. At the risk of sounding too demanding, it would be nice if Fesseekh was banned and coloring eggs is only permitted for new genetically modified boiled eggs that don't turn blue on the inside. That's it (for now).

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