Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day (one more time)

I guess feeling guilty for not 3abaring me on Egypt's Mother's Day, I received this poem from my Mo on North America's Mother's Day (second Sunday in May).

Thank YOU Mo. Ma2boola minak. Walahi I loved it. You will always be my favorite monkey. (I think I liked you better when you were osayar w oz3a - as in the picture- mish taweel w ........ Sorry )

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. And enjoy the poem.

Thank you for…

Living through the nine months it took to make me,
And the gentle voice you use when you wake me.
Giving me everything you ever had and more,
Watching me play sports and cheering when I'd score.
Knowing when I was feeling sad and reinforcing me,
Teaching me to fear God without forcing me.
Being a perfect mother figure who I admired,
Cooking me the greatest meals even when tired.
Showing me that in a messy home nothing would get done,
Actually…maybe you went a bit overboard on that one!
Helping me with homework when I'd come and cry to you,
And knowing way more about computers than I do.
Teaching me politeness and manners was a big plus,
And you instilled in me a lifelong pride in Musr.
Your amazing talents in writing and storytelling,
Managing to raise three great kids without ever yelling.
Telling me that I could become whatever I believed in,
From a banker, to an actor, to a comedian.
Marrying a man who is your perfect other half,
Who taught me how to joke and make others laugh.
I'll never love someone as much as 7dritik,
And I promise you that I'll always be Mo-itik


Anonymous said...

mo this is SOOO much better than..
mama mama ya angama,
tamla'oo kalbee binaldal hobee..
or whatever??..

amazing mo!!

Anonymous said...

mo ,you are a great writer too.the poem came from your heart so thank you waiting for your poem in the fathers day!!

Anonymous said...

lovely mo, man u gave me goose bumps