Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I believe in sportsmanship (or is it sportswomanship), so I do enjoy & salute any skillful move by any player even if he was on the opposing team. Accordingly, I am extremely impressed by the skills and teamwork of the ruler & government of an unnamed country. Here is a slow motion replay:
  1. The people of that country were unhappy with their government because of the rising food prices and the extremely low wages. The workers repeatedly go on strike, and the latest strike was followed by violent demonstrations and wide arrests.
  2. A FaceBook group of 74,000 members calls for a new strike on the birthday of this country's president.
  3. Three days before his birthday and the planned strike, the president of the country declares a 30% salary increase for all government employees.
  4. The people celebrate and the strike finds no public support.
  5. The VERY NEXT DAY, the government raises taxes, fuel, & natural gas prices by 40-50%.
Bravo. Walahi 7elwa.

Wanna see that one more time??


Mo said...

meen il-government il-gameel deh?

nahoul said...

Mish 7a2olak.

Anonymous said...

it's just another case of giving with ur right hand, and taking with ur left ... so what's new?!

Anonymous said...

btw, the anonymous above is me, Noran ... and Nahoul u'd better find me a way to get my comments thru b4 i add taxes to my fees writing here, boy are u in trouble

nahoul said...


Always good to hear from you.
et tu Noona??? Howa mafeesh 7ad beye3mel 7aga baloushee el ayam di???