Monday, September 8, 2008

Out In the Open

Our planes crash; our ferries sink; our trains burn and now even our mountains collapse over the heads of the poor while they are sleeping. Could this be some omen from above?

Does this not tell us that our government has failed in everything? This government is a jinx.

It wakes us up every morning to a new disaster. There has been a continuous show of disasters in the air, at sea and on the ground.

We've had enough of the 'stupid' actions of that 'smart' government.

Our country is on the verge of collapse. If there are a few ministers that are good, let's keep them and get rid of the rest. Spare us those who tell us of growth rates higher than China and crap of the sort.

Those who are sleeping in the open after the Mokattam rockslide have my deepest sympathy.

By Hamdi Rizq Almasry Alyoum 8/9/2008

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