Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Greatest Tennis lesson

The Women's semi-final match in the US Open Tennis Tournament between Serina Williams & Kim Clijsters was not only entertaining, but also educational.

In spite of being the only American left in the tournament, in both the men's & women's singles draws, the chair umpire did not hesitate to warn Williams, for racket abuse.

Later in the match, Williams was called for her second foot fault of the match on a second serve at 5-6, 15-30. As a result, Clijsters earned double-match point and Williams snapped, approaching the lines-person who made the call and shouting loudly at the woman.
Following a brief discussion with the tournament referee, Williams was called for her second code violation of the match – this time for unsportsmanlike conduct. As tennis rules dictate, a player’s second code violation is a point penalty. Thus it was game, set, & match for Clijsters, and the defending champion was out.
On Sunday, Williams was fined $10,000, and more punishment could follow from a broader investigation into what the head of the tournament called her "threatening manner."
I recommend that all Egyptians athletes in all sports, but especially soccer players, be strapped into (uncomfortable) seats, and forced to watch this match over and over and over (ala the Ludovico Technique used to reform Alex, the protagonist in Clockwork Orange). Hopefully this would teach those arrogant, bumptious, and mediocre players, some sportsmanship, modesty, and respect for officials.


Mohamed Hanno said...

I think the Ludovico treatment should be given to all Egyptians for hundreds of reasons. I guess Alex would have cured much faster by just subjecting him to a video of Egyptian streets (to the tune of Sha3bolla).

nahoul said...

Oh my ya Hanno! w kaman Sha3bolla? 7aram!! I believe that would qualify as the Guantanamo and not the Ludovico treatment.