Thursday, June 12, 2008

The customer is always right. NOT!!!

I can think of a plethora (not sure of this is the correct usage of the word, but I just wanted to use it anyways) of stories to prove that most Egyptian workers who deal with customers have never heard of or came across the phrase: "The customer is always right". But here is my favorite one:

My husband, his sister, and his cousin went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Two of their orders were Chinese noodles and Cashew Chicken. After no less than 3o-minutes, their dinner finally arrived. They were unhappily surprised to see that the the noodles dish was actually spaghetti and the Cashew Chicken was Peanuts Chicken.

My husband, who almost never complains about whatever he is served (except at home of course) because he once watched an American or British program were cooks and waiters confessed that they do undesirable and disgusting things to the orders of who they conceive as arrogant or trouble making costumers.

The cousin, who I am sure never saw the same program, felt compelled to object to this rip-off, especially that she was the one who recommended this restaurant. So she called the waiter, then tried to explain to him that what they were served had nothing to do with the Chinese dishes they ordered .

The know it all waiter, respectfully but surely, explained to her that what was in their plates was Chinese, all Chinese, and nothing but Chinese. This went on for at least 10 minutes. And when she finally saw how hopeless this was, she asked for the manager.

The know it all manager, respectfully but surely, more or less repeated what the waiter had tried to explain all along, that they had no idea what Chinese food was, cause what was in front of them was carefully prepared based on the cook book by chairman Mau Tsi Tong himself!!

10 minutes later, and only because he got worried that other naive and well mannered customers might over hear this dispute, and realize that spaghetti and peanuts are not in any Chinese recipe, he finally gave in and with a wide smile, explained to my husband and his companions that they are the first customers to actually complain about the rip-off. He actually told them that the 50 pound dish would cost the restaurant about 25 pounds to prepare, but with the Egyptian Fahlawa, and some imagination, the modified dishes only costs about 5 pounds, thus doubling the profit.

After 10 more minutes, freshly and properly prepared dishes of noodles and Cashew Chicken arrived at their table. Needless to say, in spite of the appealing presentation & smell, and the sounds of approval and enjoyment coming from his sister and cousin, my hubby did not touch either plates. Later in the car, when he finally confessed the true reason for his refusal to touch the new dishes, he was verbally and physically attacked by the two upset and nauseous ladies.

3amar ya Masr.

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هيا دي مصر يا عبلة اجدع فهلوة واطيب ناس