Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My late Uncle

I always wondered, what is the secret to a good movie, or rather, what I conceive as a good movie. My late uncle also wondered about a similar phenomenon. But his quest was much more painful. He wondered, what is the secret to a bad movie. And accordingly, as soon as he heard that a movie was really bad, he went to watch it!!

I think the only reason he survived this self torture was his excellent sense of humor and his bright view of life. He always saw a positive aspect in any situation. This is even true with his imprisonment, back in the 50s, at the tender age of 17, a first year law student, accused of being a member of the communist party.

All students arrested with him were released a week later, cause they all cooperated with the security interrogators, condemned communism and denied being members of the party. My dear uncle, when questioned, claimed he did not know anything about communism, and asked his investigators to first explain communism to him. He added that only after he learns enough about communism, will he be qualified to either condemn it, or to actually submit an official request to join the party in question. If the later is true, then the authorities would have a good reason to keep him in their custody. What a guy!!!

The only time I asked him about the 18 months he spent in prison, he just mentioned the great time he had meeting interesting intellectuals such as Ihsan Abdul Kodous and other writers and journalists. I think his only regret regarding this period, was the pain he caused his mother. Otherwise, and if it was up to him, he might have asked for an extension.

BTW, if anyone from the State Security is reading this, please note that unlike my uncle, I know that I will not enjoy your accommodations even if you put me in the same cell with Hussein Fahmy. Well, if you are really .... no never mind, I am still not interested!!

I just realized how much I miss Khalo. And I pray, that if he is watching us and his beloved Egypt, that his sense of humor would still help him find something to smile about.

God bless you Khalo.

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