Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pretensions to Empire

This is a collection of essays by Lewis Lapham, former editor of Harper's Magazine, written between September 2004 & March 2006.

The articles shed light on a number of interesting issues such as the Republic Propaganda machine, the civil rights violations committed under the protection of the Patriot Act, the media's using the aesthetics of retail stores window decorations to sell hegemonic & imperialistic ideas to the public, how presidents McKinely waged the Spanish-American war, & Wilson sent American troops to fight in WWI, not for supporting Cuba's independence nor for making the World safe for democracy respectfully, but to combat the social populist movements that gained momentum during their presidencies, and apply their own agenda of expanding the privileges of the oligarchy, how Bush ran his government the way Ken Lay ran Enron, that as a corrupt monopoly, with hidden surcharges, dishonest annual reports, ..................................and many more.

I have to warn, this book is not for republicans, neo-cons, or any George (good riddance) Bush supporters.

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