Thursday, December 10, 2009

Safe & Sound

To family and friends, I am glad to announce that my husband is feeling much better after the treatment he received in London, and that we are safely back home al hamd l Allah.

We were extremely happy to see Noona and Kole in London and to enjoy the warmth of their love and support. As clear in the picture, hubby is clinically well but carefully examining the picture,  I am not sure about his mental condition. No I am not worried about Noona & Kole since ALL their pictures are ALWAYS crazy!!

I plan to post the details of this trip (as per several requests), but I can only do so after I'm done unpacking & cleaning the house (you have to admit that this is a photogenic picture of moi).

If you really miss my posts, then you are kindly invited to come help with the house work.

p.s. Individuals who don't suffer from OCD need not apply.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back :)
p.s. no I WON'T come and help you clean, you'll clean after me anyway, so it would be a waste of our time.
Get on with it already, can't wait to hear the details now that you're both safely home

Anonymous said...

7amdela 3la elsalama. waiting for new posts. amel.

Patrick said...

I'm glad that your better half is now feeling better after his London treatment. I hope that the trip to London impacted his mental condition as well. He called me from Cairo on his way to Hurghada. Hope to see him in AbuDhabi next week. As for helping you clean your place, Noran could not have put better; it would be a waste of time. Keep writing.

Mohamed Hanno said...

I'm glad that the sane one is doing well. Give him my best wishes and salamat. Now we can enjoy the insane one once again.

nahoul said...

Thank you all dear friends for the kind wishes sent to hubby, and for the hostile OCD comments you sent my way.