Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Star Is Born

Upon listening to this album, I recognized a huge talent. Nadine has a beautiful expressive voice, and her music complements and stresses, but never clashes with her deep lyrics.

Nadine's songs reminded me of a simple yet powerful statement by one of my favorite singers/song writers: Billie Myers (hint: Kiss the rain). She said something like:"I am grateful that I had a complex childhood, otherwise my songs would have been as shallow as Celine's (she didn't use the word "shallow", and never named "Celine", but you get the point, she meant the lovey-dovey stuff).

Nadine's lyrics are powerful, honest, and clearly reflect emotions she wrestled with in her childhood, and throughout her teens. I guess all that is summarized in the eloquent album title: Catharsis (catharsis: the purification of the emotions primarily through art).  They also indicate that she has matured into a strong, self-assured, and extremely spiritual young lady.

Good for you Nadine and all the best.
Your number#1 fan

Click here to go to her site & listen to two of her songs. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Any relation to the "Mansour" clan?

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