Saturday, January 16, 2010

The American Empire Project

There is really no logical explanation for the strange phenomenon of people willingly choosing to go on roller-coaster rides, or watching horror movies other than the adrenaline rush - induced by fear - they experience during those scary and crazy episodes.

Allow me to digress - as usual - and say that I just noticed that this phenomenon is unique to humans. I am not aware of any gazelle willingly walking up to a panther and asking it to play tag cause the gazelle enjoyed the rush it got from yesterday's chase. Nor did I ever see lambs, rams, sheep, & goats lineup to watch a movie about Eid al Adha (the feast following the Hajj) to watch their cousins being slaughtered.

OK now back to my first line of thought before I forget what this post was all about. I - the biggest chicken in history - have never tried to go on a roller-coaster, nor have I ever watched a horror movie. And since I do not intend to ever do either of those acts, or any thing as stupid,  I needed a different way to get my dose of adrenaline rush. And I found it. All I have to do is read a scary book. And I recently found the perfect source for such books. The American Empire Project.

According to the founders: "The project is in response to the changes that have occurred in America's strategic thinking as well as its military and economic posture. In these short, argument-driven books, our leading writers and thinkers will mount an immodest challenge to the fateful exercise of empire-building and to explore every facet of the developing American imperium, while suggesting alternate ways of thinking about, confronting, and acting in a new American century."

To learn more about the books published by this project, check: The American Empire Project".

So far I've read Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance and Chalmers Johnson's Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, and I have been genuinely and truly scared. How did I survive such scare??


Not sure if I will be able to handle the rush (adrenaline or other) caused by reading another book in this series!!


    Anonymous said...

    U R better off riding the roller coaster than reading the book.....hmmmm, depends on where in America do u ride it.....or may be just stick to the sheep and the goats...and being a coward of a chicken is not sooo bad after all.

    nahoul said...

    Sorry Ani but I have to reactivate the "word verification" process since I am getting a lot of spam comments.

    Anonymous said...

    Don't worry about it, will continue to read and comment! and the new word is "somendo"....not bad1

    Kamil said...

    You also need to read C. Johnson's other book "Blowback". If that doesn't move you, I'll pay the cost of the book. How's that for a good deal? :-)

    nahoul said...

    Will place an order immediately.