Sunday, December 23, 2007


Bamako is the capital of Mali. It is also the title of a 2007 movie I never heard of until my son mentioned it to me this morning. Fine, I also did not know that the capital of Mali was Bamako until he told me, but you should not hold this against me. I bet you did not know that either. Yeah right!

Back to the movie. Since I did not watch it yet, a detailed review by moi might not be a good idea. So I will temporary rely on the reviews in Rotten Tomatoes (a web site devoted to reviews, information, and news of movies, that my younger son told me about).

RT gives Bamako an impressive 84%, meaning it is certified as a Fresh Movie. Here are some reviews by movie critics to give you an idea about the story and the quality of the movie:
  • Bamako puts nothing less than economic injustice on trial, arguing the guilt of the World Bank, the IMF, and the entire apparatus of First World economic domination for the crime of African oppression.
  • For all its outrage, Bamako is not a work of righteousness. [Director] Sissako is a poet, and the filmmaking in this new picture is stuff of a deserving laureate. Sissako is thinking about the small but mounting consequences of big ideas.
  • Credit [director] Sissako for entertainingly blending serious international issues with the daily comings and goings of village life.
Sounds like an entertaining movie that also touches on issues that should be of interest to Egyptians, especially with the subsidy rumors that have been floating around lately. Did I wet your appetite? Did you decide to watch it? It is available on DVD. Enjoy. Leave me a comment to tell me what you think (of the movie).

For more info go to:
Bamako the Movie Official Web Site
Rotten Tomatoes Review of Bamako

  1. The movie is in French and Bambara with English subtitles
  2. If you do not enjoy the movie, please contact RT.

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