Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pick Your Candidate

I have a confession. I was a complete idiot. I know it's hard for you to believe this, especially after reading a few of my previous posts, but I am afraid it's true. Now before I tell you what I did to deserve these harsh words, excuse me for a sec, I'll go wear my DUNCE cap, sit facing the corner, and continue typing from there. No please don't try to stop me, I've earned it. Here is a visual.

Back to my confession. About seven years ago, I was thrilled when, after five weeks of drama and suspense, Bush was declared the winner of the 2000 Selections(this is no typo). Well, actually I was more thrilled that the Gore-Lieberman duo have lost. Since Truman, each American administration has been trying to outdo the previous one in its support of Israel, so I felt that a Jewish vice president would manifest into the most hostile administration towards Arabs, and would definitely end any hopes for a just peace in the area*. My biggest regret is that I was a bigot, and at the time, I based my expectation of a person's actions, even if he was an American politician, on his religion. For this I am extremely regretful. My second biggest regret is that I was totally wrong about which duo would be more hostile to Arabs, actually to all nations in the whole world!!

Enough! I already admitted that I was stupid so please stop dissing me. Besides, I am not American, so the way I felt would not have changed the results anyways. Let's dis Arab-Americans since most of them voted for Bush. I guess they did it for the same twisted logic that I had.

As we are approaching 2008, the year of the elections in the US, Americans have a moral obligation to themselves and to the rest of the world to choose wisely. So please do not support Obama just because he has Oprah's endorsement, or Hillary just because you still think Bill is cute and you wanna see more of him in the news. You're asking what about the Republican candidates? Well excuse me, but I thought after eight years of Bush, no one will even dare vote Republican.

Even if you are not American or you are just not into politics you should still know more about the candidates. In the age of American dominance, you cannot afford to be happy-go-lucky about who will be the most powerful person on earth, since this person will, whether you like it or not, influence you and your future.

To help you find more about the candidates and who you should support, I'm including a link that will take you to a questionnaire were you choose your stance on 25 issues and how important you think each issue is . When done, press GO and the results will tell you which candidate comes closest to representing your views on those issues. Arabs should consider this good practice for the time when they will actually have elections and vote for their own leaders. (even if there are no signs of this happening any time soon!!)

Of course even after doing your homework, there are no guarantees that politicians will stick to their campaign promises, but at least you would still have made an educated choice, and you won't have to go to the dunce corner like me.

If you care to know, my results showed that I should support Mr. Dennis Kucinich. Never paid any attention to him earlier, but from now on, I will. Actually we had 0 Disagreements and 0 Other (this is explained on the results page), and a positive score of 54!!! Now, with this amazing result, I'm not sure if it is enough to morally support the guy. We are such a good match that I think I am morally obliged to marry him! (Just kidding habibi. I would never ever consider leaving you for anyone else, not even a long shot US president. Besides, he's married.)

Dennis Kucinich for President site

* I try not to use the term MiddleEast since it is geographically incorrect, and it was meant to eliminate the use of the "P" word (Palestine) when describing the conflict with Israel.


Patrick said...

I couldn't find the questionnaire in the link you provided.

nahoul said...

Sorry ya Patrick. Is was working until this morning, but apparently the domain name has expired (the owner of the site did not pay the required fees on time). Check back later and I will let you know as soon as it is back online.

mansour said...

nahoul aih alkalam alkabeer dah,wa7eda wa7eda ,seebek men dennis wa boosh wa khalina fi doctori hosni hosni doctori.

nahoul said...

Patrick, the site is back on-line.

nahoul said...

Mans, el rab wa7ed, w el 3omr wa7d. Besides, I did mention H&M(no not the store) but indirectly in the piece.

noona said...

Mom I took the questionnaire and got the exact results as you did!
Now I am wondering how we debate so much when we agree on so much :)

ps- solid comment about why the term 'Middle East' was created!


Hafez said...

For some reason, I feel that I somehow know you all....nahoul..Patrick...Mans...noona?

Never knew you had this excellent writing talent ...very enjoyable reading...well done