Friday, December 14, 2007

Meet my Hero

Name: Manal Hassan.
Occupation: Civil Engineer at the Southern Giza Municipality.
Monthly Salary: 275 Egyptian Pounds.
Home: Two-room apartment she shares with her mother.
Dream: To buy a second-hand car.

Action: Ms Hassan refused to grant a demolition permit to a pharmacist who wanted to throwout the occupants, and demolish an old but structurally solid apartment building that he owns. When he offered her a bribe of over 2 Million LE to obtain the permit, she reported him to the authorities. Ms Hassan's honesty granted her first place prize in the Egyptians Against Corruption organization competition.

Thank you Ms Hassan for solidifying my belief in a brighter tomorrow.

Visit the Egyptians Against Corruption site to find more about the organization's celebration of the International Day Against Corruption (December 9th).


Noran said...

Boy are you busy with your blog ya Nahoul, now it's my turn to be jealous. Keep up the good work!

Patrick said...

Manal Hassan should be invited on a tour of the country to talk about her experince and for people to see first hand the face of honesty and integrity.