Saturday, December 22, 2007

Egyptian Presto

My friends call me Nahoul el Mastoul for a good reason. No I am not on drugs (although some of my posts might give you that impression), I just have a very bad memory. One of the few images I retained from my childhood is that of our kitchen looking like an abstract painting by Congo the Monkey. Yes, the Presto pressure cooker blew up.

I learned a valuable lesson from this incident. No, not to never use a Presto Cooker. Well that is a good thing to remember too, but since the pressure cooker has all but disappeared from our kitchens, that's not a very valuable piece of advise, is it? Where was I? I just told you that a have a lousy memory, so please no more interruptions.

Yeah, the valuable lesson is to never allow a situation to escalate (the pressure to mount) to a point were the only outcome would be a BLOW UP. Remember to always let off the steam before it's too late.

p.s. This post is dedicated to the Egyptian Government.

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mansour said...

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