Friday, December 28, 2007


I am surprised by how genuinely saddened I was by the news of Ms Bhutto's assassination. Up until September, I had all but forgotten about her. Tariq Ali's The Clash of Fundamentalisms (an informative & interesting book with an externally interesting cover) reminded me of how I was initially intrigued by her, being the first woman prime minister in the Muslim world, then how disappointed I was because of the corruption charges against her.

In October, she decides to return to Pakistan and there she was, back on the front pages, and back into our lives. Although her return might have been orchestrated by the US administration (I don't know enough to give any meaningful political analysis on the subject), I was once again fascinated by her charisma and her courageous decision to continuing with her campaign in spite of the previous assassination attempt. It's too bad that her courage was greeted with bullets.

May God bless her and all victims of violence.

For more on Bhutto's assassination, here are reviews, by Tariq Ali, Robert Fisk, & Mona Eltahawy.

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Tanja said...

I must admit to be thriled to see a woomen president (not only in muslam world )but very disapointed by the facts that she was suported by foreing countrie. Of cours it can't be good for pakistany people.
She was beautiful,( aparently) vell educated but that's not enaf to be good president.
She should know that: by representing the wishes of her foreing suporters and not her people her life was in a danger.Of cours i do not suport any kind of violance but as adult person you shoul'd know the price you woul'd pay for your choices.
I do not have any respect for people who are paid by foreing countries to do their derty work.