Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Wish for Less

Happy New Year to everyone. This is the season for making wishes and asking for more of what (we think) makes us happy. This year, I will break the tradition (and may be increase my chances of being heard for not sounding too greedy), and I will actually ask for less.

I wish for less:
  • Poverty, misery, & unemployment
  • Diseases, illnesses, & medical mistakes
  • Homeless, neglected, & hungry children
  • Dictators, despots, & autocratic rulers
  • Wars, conflicts, & disputes
  • Violence, hatred, & discrimination
  • Chauvinists, bigots, & apathetic humans
  • Collapsing buildings, road accidents, & untimely deaths
  • Zamalek problems, Zamalek defeats, & Ahly wins
  • Kilograms, wrinkles, & gray hair
Say "ya rab"

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