Sunday, January 13, 2008

This IS Torture

I was not planning to publish any new posts for a couple of days since I'm on pain killers and you do not want to know what I am capable of writing when I am heavily drugged. No believe me you don't. But you will, because the following news item just provoked me beyond reason:
US national intelligence chief : Water-boarding 'would be torture'

Please tell me, what did we learn from this report? That an American official thinks that water-boarding might be a form of torture!!! Thank you for the info. We (the rest of the world) would have never guessed this ourselves!!! What else could simulation of drowning be considered??? A crash course in scuba diving!!!

In Egypt, a micro-bus driver was sodomized in a Cairo police station and the incident was exposed by a number of Egyptian bloggers, leading to the trial (and later conviction) of the officer responsible for this crime. The officer, like all criminals, denied the charges in spite of the video that documented the incident, but at least Islam Nabih was not brazen enough to claim that what he did could be considered a form of foreplay!!! (Do excuse me. Remember, I am writing while heavily drugged)

To help resolve this issue once and for all, please send me anyone who has any doubts about what might qualify as torture, and I will make sure that this person will never dare act stupid again. (even I was not aware of this violent side of moi)

I think I should stop here before I offend you more, or before I say things that could lead to my own arrest and torture, sorry, I mean techniques that some might consider torture.

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