Friday, January 18, 2008

Historian Yunan Labib Rizk Dies at 75

Renowned Egyptian literary figure and historian Yunan Labib Rizk passed away at 7 am on Monday after battling with chronic heart disease for years.
The funeral was held at the Virgin Mary Church in Nasr City and was attended by Head of the Shoura Council Safwat Al Sherif, representatives of the Presidency, and several parliamentarians.

Rizk, born Oct. 27, 1933, was chaired the History Department at Ain Shams University where he taught Modern History. He was also a respected member of the Shoura Council where he was a member of the Higher Press Council, and headed the History Committee of the Supreme Culture Council. He was a prolific writer with a regular column appearing in Al-Ahram newspaper. He was the author of several esteemed publications which rendered him an authority on Modern History, which was the subject of his MA and PhD degrees. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Literature from Ain Shams University in 1955.

At the funeral, Coptic intellectual Milad Hanna described him as an honest and objective witness to modern history.

Copied from Daily News Egypt, Jan 15, 2008

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