Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tata Nano

These are not nick names I gave my late grandmother (miss you Naina), it's the name of the world's cheapest motor car produced by India's Tata Motors. The vehicle will sell for $2,500 making it the new (or true) VolksWagen. I hope that this car will soon be available in the Egyptian market for the benefit of what is left of the Egyptian middle class. Better still, the public or the private sector should try to sign agreements with Tata to produce the Nano locally.

In any case, the Egyptian government should not give the Tata Nano the infamous Tok Tok treatment, that is, allow the import, pocket the customs fees, then later confiscate it for not meeting the traffic laws standards. You never knew we had such standards??? Apparently neither did the officials!!!

To learn more about the Nano click here.

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