Thursday, January 3, 2008

Egyptian Happiness

As the Haj and Eid were immediately followed by Christmas & the New Year, you may think that you have lately sent and received more than enough wishes for happiness. If you are Egyptian, please wish happiness to as many compatriots as possible. And continue to do so year round. And be sincere about it. I've discovered that Egyptians need all the help they can get when it comes to happiness.

The finding of a study by the World Database for Happiness has shown that when asked "How much do you enjoy your life-as-a-whole on a scale of 0 to 10?", Egyptians have score a mere 4.8, i.e. a failing grade. The Danes have scored highest with an average of 8.2, next were the Swiss with a score of 8.1 while Tanzanians came in last with an average of 3.2.

I am critical (as usual) of the study and it's results, but I will leave you to judge for yourself. You can find the complete report at the web site: World Database of Happiness

If you have any problems with the validity of the report please do contact Ruut Veenhoven (not sure if this is his real name, or is it just a trick to make us feel happier about our own names) who is a professor of 'social conditions for human happiness' at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and the director of the World DB of Happiness.

Disclaimer: The current Egyptian government should not take any offence by the study or by whoever repeats its findings (moi) since the survey was conducted between 1995 & 2005, that is, before the current government took office. I am sure that if the survey is repeated in 2008, Egyptians will kick Swiss & even Danish butt!!!

Private thoughts:
  • If Egyptians are ever able to kick Swiss butt, I would like to kick Federer's. Please. I saw him first.
  • I wonder what is the average happiness score for Zamalkaweya?? I am confident that we can easily kick Tanzanian butt.
  • I wonder what would Hamlet, who said:"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", say when he visits other countries in the study?
  • I wonder how many times did I use the word butt in this post? No wonder my youngest is so aleel el adab.

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