Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Come To Us Pervez

By Magdy el-Gallad
AlMasry AlYoum 19/8/2008

Dear President Musharraf. Whether you were forced to resign or you did it voluntarily, I write to you to extend my appreciation that you said: "I leave my future in the hands of the Pakistani people."

Thank God you remembered that there was something called the Pakistani people and that they can determine your political future; something that we do not have in the Arab world.

I was also amazed when you said: "I will present my resignation to the President of the National Assembly (Parliament) before the Deputies start interrogating me." So you do have a Parliament in Pakistan with representatives of the people that can interrogate. What a luxury in a democratic country that is politically torn between the military and the opposition.

I read that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi gave you 48 hours at the most to resign or you would face impeachment procedures. I could not imagine that a Minister could do so to a Head of State. I thought I was hallucinating, but then you did yield to the warning.

Mr. President, you have no place in that democratic country. Come to us with your military uniform and I guarantee that you will find what pleases you.

We have very nice things here. People here are passive. They do not care who rules them. They don't like big words like self-determination and things like that. They are content with whatever you give them.

And we have a Parliament with Deputies that have nothing to do with the people. You will see them chasing the ministers in Parliament to get signatures on certain papers. And you will see the House Speaker Fathi Sorour shouting at them like schoolboys.

Interrogation here is only by a wife asking her husband how he spent his whole salary in just five days instead of bringing food to the table. He would in his turn tell her that she is the one who is wasting the allowance on trivialities. The result could involve divorce or a dead body and a prison cell.

Come to us President Musharraf. I swear you will like it.


Anonymous said...

Had no idea you had an interest in Musharraf as well as the Pakistani people.... why? why ya Nahhoul?is that the leftover effect of boeh-boeh?

nahoul said...

Dear Anonymous,

My interest in Musharaf is purely political. He was a dictator, coming from the military, and was very close to the Americans, ........ do you now see similarities with eli bali balek???

I'm just happy for the Pakistani people, and I love the peaceful and democratic ending of this saga.

If you think I had any other interest in him, then you are totally off. I find him repulsive. Musharaf no way!!! But Imran Khan...........well, may be.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or does he look just like borat

nahoul said...

No it's just you.
He looks like Ali G.