Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My mom & I used to enjoy each other's company very very much (typical Egyptian, lazem two verys!!). In the past few years, and as I got more and more attached to my laptop, tension was introduced to our relation. We would be in the middle of an interesting, funny, harmless conversation, then I would suddenly remember that I haven't checked my email for 8 and a half minutes, so I 'd jump out of my seat, chair, bed, whatever.., and go check my email!!! My mother hated that and always insisted that the next time I come to visit, I should leave my laptop behind. I never did!!!

Well, Karma was over due. It came from where I least expected: Turkey. It is the daily soap-opera broadcast on a Saudi Satellite channel. So this summer, and in the middle of our conversation (and even if my life depended on completing our talk), my mom jumps out of her seat and leaves me to go watch Noor. And she does that twice a day , and for a whole hour each time!!! Well yes, she does watch the replay in case she missed a word Mohanad said!! Ahaaaaa.

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