Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary!! (Part One)

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a great event in human history. No you dumb dumb, not the invasion of Kuwait! It's my wedding Anniversary. I am not gonna mention the number of years I've been married, or even worse, the number of years I knew my husband, because every time he finds out how long we've been together, he gets really depressed. Good thing he has always been bad with dates.

Actually, a freak accident that happened to him lately, has also affected his memory. My dear husband was attacked by a patient in the psychiatry ward. A patient who weighs over 150Kgm, jumped him from the back, and the fall caused my husband to loose consciousness for a few minutes. The only detectable effects of the attack, and the concussion he suffered from, is an occasional loss of recent memory. His heart was also affected, but the danger has passed Al hamd l Allah.

Alf Hamd Allah 3ala el Salamah ya Hobi. This unfortunate incident has only made me realist how much I love you despite all the fights and boxing matches we get into. As for your attacker, don't worry, I took care of him. I AWASTO, as our Lebanese friends would say. True it only happened in my dreams, but it still felt good.

Accordingly, this anniversary is even more special than any previous year. That makes me wonder if this year's present (if any) will be a special one. Well I cannot guess what my hubby will get me, but if he knows me well, and I know that he does, then I am sure the present won't be:
  • jewelry: since he knows that I hate the Bling Bling (lucky guy)
  • a new outfit: since he also knows that I am going through this weird I do not need any new cloths phase
  • Household Appliances: which he knows that it would be a total waste of money since I've not seen the kitchen since the kids left the house
  • Books: since he knows that I would love that, but he would have no idea what books I would enjoy reading
  • Music CD: since he has already bought me every album Celine has ever released
  • A trip: since we just came back from vacation
  • Anything valuable: since I am also going throw a modest-living phase
  • ???
Poor guy, now I know why I never get any presents. I am really really hard to please.
But this is still no excue for him not to buy me something.
Will tell you tomorrow what I got.

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Anonymous said...

Freak accident? to hubby? loss of memory? Hmmmm.... I have witnessed many many gifts of gold and silver ornaments for your ears and wrists...and neck... remember? ERUM? please leave the hubby's gifting talents alone, at least when you know I will be reading them in LaLa land.
Happy belated Anniversary.