Friday, February 22, 2008

Digital Tattoo Concept

Tattoos are cool, but getting yourself inked often requires serious consideration since the removal process is excruciatingly painful. The Digital Tattoo concept by Jim Kielke features a tiny, implantable display that will hook up to an artery and a vein for its power, and can display information such as caller ID and carry out video chats on one's arm. Interestingly enough, it is also capable of monitoring your health while alert you of any impending screw-ups in your health. This is all too Big Brother for my taste - hopefully the day doesn't come where the Digital Tattoo is made compulsory. From Ubergizmo

I guess with the "Technology Explosion" that hit us all in the past 15 years or so, one's jaws don't drop as wide as they should when one hears or reads about such amazing new inventions.

Yet, (you knew that I will have a yet didn't you?) I do have a problem with this invention. As I am gracefully aging (gracefully my foot), I seem to be acquiring more and more allergies. I need to know what will happen when I get an allergic reaction and I start scratching my arm like a monkey?

Could I accidentally:
  • fire up nuclear missiles and cause the destruction of the Earth? (be3d el shar)
  • start three way a video conference between Paris Hilton, Osama Ben Laden, & George Bush? (that would be entertaining)
  • transfer all the cash in the private Swiss banks accounts to my own account (I am starting to like this gadget)
  • control my husband's brain and trick him into beleiveing that I am young, thin, and beautiful (where do I go to get this wonderful tattoo? I'll buy some strawberries and will be there in a sec.)
p.s. I wonder where Angelina Jolie will have her digital tattoo????

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Anonymous said...

Pleazzzzzzzzzzzze keep both feet on the ground and try to stick to reality and do not let the fantasizing go beyond your head. Thank you