Sunday, February 10, 2008


When Egyptians enjoys a good laugh, they always say: "Alahoma Ig3aloo Khair" (translated by my buddy Noona to "I pray it's good news"). This saying must have come from years of experience. Egyptians have noticed that every time they enjoy a couple of days of happiness, their joy is quickly crushed by a tragedy.

Two years ago, drunk with the joy of the success of our team in the 2006 African Nations Cup, our joy was crushed and drowned by the news of the sinking of the “Salam” ferry in the Red Sea, and the drowning of over 1,100 Egyptians.

Two days ago, the same scenario was repeated. After sleeping feeling like we are on the top of the world for the impressive win over the Ivory Coast, we woke up to the news of the passing away of the respectful and popular journalist Magdy Mehana. A smaller scale tragedy, but still, the tears of joy, the elation, and the celebrations in the streets, were replaced with tears of sadness, condolences, and a funeral procession.

I have many more examples of similar incidents, but no need to list them here since if you are Egyptian, you can list them yourself, and if you are not, then what the heck are you doing reading my blog???? (BTW, this is typical Egyptian humor, so please don't be offended)

My question: Why aren’t Egyptians allowed to enjoy long moments of happiness, without being hit by tragedy?
My theory: fi wa7d bena neyeto wehsha!!! (this curse is caused by an immoral sly among us).
My action: I will not rest until I find and ostracize this lowlife from our country. I have a funny feeling that we all know the person responsible for this curse . No not "Eli Bali Balkom". I meant that each one of us is not as pure and sincere as we pretend to be. Accordingly, each one of us needs to become a better person in order for us to deserve a nation wide blessing and happiness that will last forever.

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