Monday, February 4, 2008

Google & Abou Trika

You all must have heard about Abou Trika (this is the spelling on his shirt so I will stick to it) displaying a slogan in support of Gaza in front of millions after scoring in Egypt's game against Sudan at the African Nations Cup finals in Ghana. This incident was widely publicized and Abu Trika received a yellow card, and a warning from CAF, but no fine, for his action. He also received a lot of support from the Egyptian and Arab people and I thought that was the end of it. As you know, I am not an Abou Trika fan (unless he moves to Zamalek), and I am kinda mad with the Palestinians for "invading" Egypt, so I ignored the whole issue. Read more at the Arabia site.

But then I read the following articles:
"Google caves in to Israeli pressure: Footballers 'Gaza' photo disappears from Google"
"Google removed Abu Trika’s “Sympathize with Gaza” images from the internet"

I was really pissed, and you wouldn't wanna mix with me when I'm pissed (some people prefer not to mix with me at any time, but this is not the right place to cuss them), so I decided to write this post to object to Google's double standards since the image of the Ghanaian player displaying the Israeli flag, after Ghana beat the Check Republic 2-0 in the World Cup is still available on the Google site. So I ask Google: "Are you for, or against, mixing sports & politics?"

I am posting the two pictures I found of Abou Trika displaying his support to Gaza, just to make them available to whoever did not see them yet.

I know that Google owns the Blogger site that hosts this blog, so if Google has a problem with this post, then I will move to a different host, and Google can shove this site up its two Os!!!!!
(wow, never knew I was capable of being so rude!!!)

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