Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Wackoccino Please!!

I tried to hold my urge to dis Hanan Turk for as long as I could, but I cannot hold it any longer. (I will pretend I did not hear the stupid first grade toilet jokes coming my way) I was avoiding the subject cause I have many dear friends and relatives who cover their hair, and I did not wish to offend them. But I know that they are all smart enough to understand that this is not an attack on veiled women but only on VSVW (very stupid veiled wackos).

Hanan Turk has the right to cover her hair. She has the right to quit acting, or to act wearing the head scarf. She also has the right to go into business and to own and run a posh cafe in Cairo. I will even go out on a limb and say that, although my limited religious knowledge (compared to her holiness' vast knowledge of Islam) assures me that it is wrong, I don't care if she chooses to play stupid and go back to live with her husband after they were thrice-divorced, cause it's none of my business.

BUT, as an Egyptian & as a Muslim who claims she understands the true values of Islam (such as integration, love, and rejection of prejudice) I find it my business to say that Hanan does not have the right to declare that her cafe is "off-limits to unveiled or Christian women."

There are only a few unacceptable explanations for her wacko, daffy, crazed, bananas, deranged, loony .......... announcement:
  • Her understanding of Islam is totally messed up
  • When she covered her hair, she also covered and completely veiled her common sense
  • She wrapped her head cover too tight that it cut the circulation off her brain
  • Her understanding of Islam is totally messed up (deja vu)
  • She is completely blind to the meaning & consequences of her stupid announcement and the possible rift, hatred, and even violence it creates between different groups in the Egyptian society (Muslims vs Copts, veiled Muslim women vs unveiled Muslim men - what ever...)
  • She found this to be the cheapest advertisement for her infamous cafe
  • Her understanding of Islam is totally messed up (deja vu of the deja vu)


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I hear of cafe for veiled women, ur description of a very tight headcover cutting off her circulation to hanan's brain is very accurate, however, it really is sad for this to happen in Cairo of all the places.

nahoul said...

Ani, maybe we are just jealous cause we are not allowed into her cafe (for different reasons mind you, but still we both get no hanan from Hanan).
See you at Cilantro.

Anonymous said...

i believe that reports later went to say that the two ladies who came in were journalists filming women at this salon. She has a right to turn them away.